Transport Projects


Road infrastructure, including tunnel solutions (highways, urban and express ring roads). Bridges and engineering structures. Designing and assessment of road construction by the program LAYMED. Transport areas of all kinds, parking premises, garages underground and above-ground. Intersections (multilevel, circular, controlled, etc.).

  • Connection of buildings to public infrastructure:
    • assessment of view conditions
    • assessment of construction consequences to traffic load of the road network
    • road modifications resulting from construction
    • organisation of traffic in garages, parking premises and connection points
  • Local roads, through roads, calm and residential zones
  • Pedestrian and cycle routes, barrier-free solutions
  • Projects of traffic signs, safety equipment, road facilities
  • Projects of traffic light devices, traffic management via variable traffic marks, regulation and supervision
  • Purchase and land requirement elaborates, documentation for extraction (the agricultural annex)

Complete engineering services for investors

  • Complex engineering of transport structures from an investor's intention to removal of warranty defects
  • Technical studies, assessment of individual variants of the transport solution
  • Multi-criteria analyses, including assessment of impacts on the environment
  • Feasibility studies, SWOT analyses, economic studies, financial plans
  • Documentation for territorial procedures
  • Acquisition of the planning decision and the building permit
  • Documentation for the building permit
  • Realisation documentation
  • Documentation of actual implementation
  • Background materials to search for supplier
  • Organisation of public and private procurement notices, assessment of tenders
  • Assigning work realisation, including ensuring delivery and quality conditions of provided work
  • Author´s supervision
  • Technical supervision of the investor, reception, final approval, monitoring of work and warranty defects
  • Supervision of construction and projects
  • Consultation and expertise activities on investor issues

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