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Respirometry is the technique of continuously monitoring the oxygen uptake of biomass under controlled conditions. It is a powerful tool for evaluating biological processes. At EBS, we are on the cutting edge in the use of respirometry to optimize nutrient and bioaugmentation applications in industrial wastewater treatment systems. We have conducted studies for over forty systems throughout the United States. The results of these studies have been used to improve treatment efficiency and reduce nutrient costs in virtually every case. In addition to nutrient evaluations, our respirometers have been used to conduct biodegradability studies, nitrification testing, toxicity/inhibition screenings, and performance comparisons of commercial biological additives.

  • Nutrient Evaluations
  • Biological Product Studies
  • Toxicity and Inhibition Studies
  • Biodegradability Studies
  • Nitrification Studies and Nitrification Potential within Soil
  • Soil Remediation Studies

A recent addition to our respirometry repertoire is the use of the new BM – Advance Respirometer by Surcis, S. L. of Barcelona, Spain. The BM-Advance Respirometer is a batch type open system respirometer that allows us to add or remove content mid-test. Using the BM-Advance respirometer, kinetic constants such as COD fractions (bCOD, SS, XS, iCOD, S1, X1) that allow us to recommend the optimum operation and design parameters (SRT, HRT, flow rate, toxicity, inhibition, nitrification, and nutrient removal) can be estimated more accurately.

EBS is the United States Distributor for the Surcis line of respirometers  including the BM-T+, BM-Advance, and BM-EVO. In addition, EBS will now distribute the Pastel UV Portable Analyzer. The Pastel UV Analyzer measures six parameters (BOD, COD, TSS, TOS, Nitrates, and Surfactants) simultaneously in one minute. This unique feature is not possessed by other units in the market.

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