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Before any treatment program can be developed, a water test needs to be conducted. Whether you are interested in industrial water reuse, removing a specific contaminant, or attempting to treat your wastewater for the first time, our treatability testing gives us and you the data that’s needed to develop a program that effectively treats your industrial process water to meet (and exceed) your goals. After testing is conducted, you will receive a full treatability report that explains our testing parameters, recommended treatment program, and even an overview of the system design (if a system is necessary for the treatment program).

Your water sample and your data is safe with us. We employ chemical engineers and laboratory technicians in our own fully equipped laboratory facilities on site in our corporate offices in Virginia. This gives us full quality and confidentiality control over the testing and program development.

The purpose of treatability testing is to gather data about the water that needs to be treated, not to sell equipment to you that you don’t need. All of our treatment programs come with a discharge compliance guarantee, and we will develop a treatment program that includes only what is necessary and effective for meeting that guarantee.

Recycling your wastewater will allow your company to save on costs related to water purchasing and disposal. We can perform a test on your wastewater (that you are currently discharging) to determine how much of that wastewater can be reclaimed for an industrial water reuse system. This number is given to you as a percentage, called your water reuse feasibility rating.

Along with your water reuse feasibility rating, we will give you the full treatability report that explains the system and treatment programs that is designed specifically to recycle and reuse your facility’s wastewater. The best part: the industrial water reuse system is designed to be added on to your existing wastewater treatment system with minimal, if any, modifications to your current treatment process.

The only way to know how much your facility will benefit from industrial water reuse is to have your water tested. We make that process simple. The first step is to request your test using the form below.

The process for treatability testing is simple and quick. Don’t worry, the testing is thorough, and the report will provide enough information for you to make a decision about the proposed treatment program.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You request your test, and we send you a water testing kit, complete with instructions. Or, if you prefer, we’ll come and sample the water for you.
  2. You take a sample of your water and mail it back to us using the prepaid postage and packaging (or we carry it back home with us).
  3. You wait while we analyze the water sample and generate your treatability report.
  4. We send your treatability report to you.

That’s it. And you will be in contact with a real ProChem, Inc. employee through the whole process.
Questions about your results? Contact one of our Technical Service representatives. They are water experts and can answer any questions you may have.

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