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Tribal Air Quality Services


Air Sciences has been working with Tribal Air Quality Programs across the Western U.S. Our work with Indian Nations has included Reservation-wide emissions inventories, ambient air quality monitoring, development of stationary source regulatory programs (including Operating Permit (Part 71) and Minor Source programs), and working with Tribes to obtain federal air permits for tribally-owned industrial facilities.

Air Sciences has worked with Tribes under Federal Clean Air Act funding to develop air quality programs consistent with the Federal Tribal Authority Rule (TAR). We know the opportunities that Tribes may pursue to protect their air quality resources and to regulate sources of air pollutants in Indian Country. From mobile sources to area sources (including agricultural practices and prescribed fire) to stationary sources, Air Sciences has worked with Tribes to identify and quantify potential air quality concerns on the Reservation and to develop sound air quality program elements to adequately protect air resources.

Our products include emissions inventory databases, Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP's) for monitoring programs and emissions inventories, concise reports with graphics and maps, and presentations to program staff and Tribal leadership. In addition, every project includes a capacity-building component. We work with environmental program personnel to develop experience in data collection, emission estimation, and implementation of regulatory programs. We've worked with program managers to design program organization charts, personnel needs, and position descriptions/qualifications useful for hiring new staff. Air Sciences' scientists and engineers have worked directly with Tribes and with tribal training organizations to provide customized air quality training for tribal environmental professionals. A stated goal for each of our projects is to help each Tribe develop a self-sustaining Air Quality Program.

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