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Underground Rock Mechanics

We have the knowledge and experience to work on a range of studies from scoping to feasibility and operational improvement across all major resource types, for underground operations and for operational support. Our consultants, many with industry backgrounds, have worked on deposits on all continents bringing broad experience and an international perspective to your projects.

Our team of professionals includes individuals with highly developed numerical modelling capabilities. We offer a mix of analytical and empirical analysis complemented by sound operational experience to give solutions that are innovative and practical and design parameters that are optimised for the conditions and mining strategy. We focus on the application and interpretation of the analytical results by reducing the data to create geotechnical domain models, representing areas of the project that are expected to have similar characteristics. We deliver useful geotechnical models and design parameters to ensure that you get practical, focused results that add value to your projects.

We work hard to stay at the forefront of industry and technological developments: our experts have participated on the Weak Rock Support group coordinated by ITASCA, and the industry sponsored Mass Mining Technology Study (formerly International Caving Study).  We use techniques such as Sirovision or 3DM Analyst, and we are developing data collection improvements for rock mass classification.

The experts we provide in key areas can assist you to deliver successful projects. And we are happy to work closely with your teams to strengthen in-house capacity by transferring our understanding and skills.

  • Geotechnical field investigation, mapping, logging, and databasing
  • Structural geology interpretation and analysis
  • Rock mass characterisation and geotechnical domain modelling
  • Mining method selection and optimisation of excavation sequencing
  • Assessment of the groundwater impact on underground design
  • Mine infrastructure and capital development excavation design
  • Underground stability analysis, 2D and 3D modelling and design
  • Dilution, fragmentation and caving analysis
  • Design of underground support systems
  • Design, implementation and management of monitoring systems
  • Training of client personnel

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