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Tech Sub I.E.

Underwater work


TechSub offers a range of underwater services for all sectors including maritime, waterways, manufacturing, nuclear power and storage. As certified experts in dealing with toxic environments and eco-friendly works, we specialize in repairs and maintenance of purification plants by using techniques which avoid downtime and optimize productivity. Our divers are skilled technicians specifically qualified to serve the needs of industrialists, local authorities and study groups, in testing, sealing, sewage works and engineering works, whilst always ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

Examples of Previous Interventions

Wastewater treatment plants: Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) without interruptions or downtime. Optimising energy use in the compressed air network. Diagnosis, servicing and replacement of aeration systems. Civil engineering interventions. Maintenance contracts. Study and implementation of refurbishment projects with or without emptying the basins.

Engineering work in dams: expertise in civil engineering, non-destructive testing (COFREND) , R.O.V. inspection, repair and reinforcement work. Cutting, coring, concreting and resetting joints.

Water intakes and sumps: maintenance and unblocking of pumping devices.

Reservoirs: maintenance contracts, flushing, inspection.

Geo-membrane basins: creation and lining of basins, repair of geo-membranes without emptying, removal of gas intrusions.

Sludge: bathymetrics, sludge extraction, treatment, pollution treatment, dewatering and removal of polluted silt.

Sewage networks and drinking water: inspection, tests, repair, sealing.

Nuclear plants: maintenance of water intakes, intervention in combustible and reactor pools, non-destructive testing (Thickness measurement, ACFM, television); hyperbaric work; EDF qualification for hyperbaric work, underwater decontamination and NDT (COFREND).

Underwater equipment (agitators, pumps): underwater sealing, cutting, assembly/disassembly.

Intervention in toxic environments: anaerobic and acid reactors, hydrocarbons, ATEX.

River and harbour work: piles, metallic pile walls; measurement of thickness, repairs; cathodic protection.

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