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Lorax Environmental has extensive expertise in the area of two and three-dimensional visualization of numerical model output as well as photo-realistic video production of actual and simulated environmental processes.

Numerical modelling and 2D visualization are used in the aquaculture industry to assess the environmental impacts associated with open net pen salmon farming. The accumulation of organic matter on the seabed below the pens is simulated using a sediment transport and diffusion model and visualized using the SEAINFO viewer.

Quantitative 2D visualizations of contaminant loadings on the seabed from wasted feed and fecal matter are displayed using the SEAINFO model results viewer. SEAINFO is a computer application that is distributed to our clients in the aquaculture industry who require the flexibility of viewing and querying model results in a fast and reliable way.

In order to achieve compliance with federal and local quidelines on the deposition thickness of waste matter from open net pen salmon farms, proposed pen sites are modelled using the sediment transport model and the results are visualized using SEAINFO.

Static or animated organic carbon sedimentation rates mapped to colour coded scales are viewed in the SEAINFO GIS style interface. Violations of environmental standards are easily determined when limit criteria are prescribed in the SEAINFO model results viewer.

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