Concept Green Holding GmbH

Concept Green Holding GmbH

Waste Rubber Recycling


Gain valuable raw materials from old tires: Pyroclean oil, carbon black, spring steel and energy. Through the TFP process, for the first time, it is now possible to extract liquid fuel oil, carbon black, spring steel and incondensable gas from used tires. There is no other process available that can 'dispose' of used tires in a more environmentally-friendly and residue-free manner while at the same time allowing the extraction of valuable secondary raw materials.

The production process takes places under closed condition and thus eliminating any environment pollution, realizing energy recycling and achieving admirable environment, social and economic benefit: Climate protection, sustainability, renewable energies, new jobs and new products which can be marketed successfully and
guaranted a ROI in a very short time.

The system meets or exceeds all the emissions of any industrial country. We eliminate all the contaminants in the gas, such as H2S, CL2, CO 2, SO2, SO3, NOx, CS2, NH3 as well as oil and other organic compounds and solid particu-lates. Gas emission tested by SGS reaches the emission standard for boiler better than America EPA and European standard.

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