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Wastewater Process Services

With experience in a wide range of industries, from the food industry to the chemical industry to pulp and paper to municipalities, we have the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose trends in your plants and provide operational advice to help you eliminate or reduce the risk of process upsets.

Plant Risk Self-Assessment
To help you assess your plant's risk potential, we offer a FREE, easy-to-use on-line risk self-assessment program.

On-Site Risk Assessment
On-site plant reviews by our wastewater specialists allow us to review your processing parameters, conduct inspections, and collect and analyze samples to get an understanding of your biomass conditions. This enables us to provide a customized assessment of your facility with recommendations and action plans to help you prevent future problems.

Plant Efficiency Studies
 By studying your plant's process systems and benchmarking your results, we can advise you about methods that could improve your plant's process efficiency.

Microscopic Analysis
Lab analysis of your wastewater treatment process will tell you quantitatively whether your plant is working. It will not help you troubleshoot problems. Microscopic analysis of your biomass will.

While the self-assessment guide is a very good tool for individual assessments, nothing can take the place of skilled operators, engineers and experts reviewing the treatment process on-site.

While on-site, our experts will analyze the treatment processes and discuss the real treatment issues with the people that tackle them on a regular basis.

We will analyze past issues that have affected the treatment process and future changes that may impact the wastewater treatment plant.

The output for this will be a detailed report discussing the impact of the key issues and the most technically sound and cost-effective methods of solving them.

Air Products can analyze all types of biological wastewater treatment systems and tell you where your bottlenecks are.

Through studying your plant's process and benchmarking your results to industry best practices, we can advise you about methods to improve your plant's process efficiency. In these plant efficiency studies we provide:

  • A customized risk assessment, including
    – Historical statistical analysis of treatment processes and efficiencies
    – Microscopic analysis, if required
  • Process efficiency report
    – Current processing capacity
    – Potential processing capacity with little or no capital
    – Retrofit solutions in lieu of plant capital expenditure
    – Decreased or eliminated bulking problems
  • Cost saving process ideas
    – Capacity increases from process intensification without capital expenditure
    – Energy savings (less energy per pound of COD removed)
    – Improved strategies to deal with peaks in plant loading
  • Lower sludge disposal costs from:
    – Improved sludge yield
    – Improved sludge dewatering
    – Decreased or eliminated polymer costs plants

Microscopic Analysis 
Today, wastewater treatment technologies call upon a classic biological concept to treat most pollutants—life. It is therefore vital to complement chemical analysis of the wastewater with microscopic analysis of the living microorganisms of the biomass (whether attached or suspended growth), the main performers in the treatment process.

Micro (bacteria) and macroorganisms (Protozoa and Metazoa) can be considered as an expression of the general quality of a purifying system.

Air Products has used microscopic observation as an integral part of wastewater treatment for over 10 years to help troubleshoot complex biological treatment problems. We can share this wealth of knowledge and experience with you to help you understand and solve key issues at your wastewater treatment plant, including:

  • Filamentous bulking
  • Poor settling
  • High SS discharges
  • Incomplete BOD/COD removal
  • Incomplete nitrification

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