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The introduction of EU Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control regulations, Water Framework Directive legislation and HACCP schemes have introduced stricter emission controls, discharge monitoring practices and efficiency targets on European industry and water companies. Improving environmental performance through understanding discharges and optimizing wastewater processes are key for industry and water companies to meet compliance objectives, whilst minimizing operational and capital engineering costs.

ETS offer an innovative and unique approach to monitoring common wastewater and environmental problems for industry and water companies (i.e. the ineffective separation of solids from wastewater). Tracing technology allows the movement of water mass, sludge and contaminants (whether dissolved or particulate) to be measured in a range of water and wastewater applications. Wastewater tracer studies are an effective tool that can be used to complement other techniques for:

  • Location and quantification of sewerage network infiltration (saline and freshwater).
  • Sediment dynamics studies in sewerage networks.
  • Drain tagging and sewer misconnection studies using multiple tracer colours.
  • Particulate retention efficiency of storm tanks and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) discharge studies.
  • Process fluid, grit and sludge-dynamic studies for optimization of wastewater treatment plants.
  • Detection of poor operating procedures and poor plant design, for maintenance and rehabilitation programmes.
  • Wastewater treatment works flow balancing.
  • Determination of effective volume in anaerobic digesters.
  • Industrial effluent dispersal and impact assessments on receiving waters.
  • Deposition of particulates from wastewater treatment discharges.
  • Environmental compliance monitoring.
  • Environmental impacts of outfalls.
  • Validation and/or provision of empirical data for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models.

ETS offer multiple colours of particulate and fluid Tracers and detection technology, allowing a range of complex wastewater projects to be undertaken.


The use of Tracer particles has proved to be a cost-effective monitoring technique, providing an insight into many areas of water quality, sludge behaviour, plant process and outfall dispersal. The results have enabled clients to identify areas where substantial savings in both capital and operational expenditure can be made.

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