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Water and Wastewater Treatment Services


Water filtration and treatment allow water sources such as wells, rivers, lakes and streams to be used where raw water quality would normally not meet required standards. Wastewater filtration and treatment reduce plant water expenses by cleaning wastewater to permit its re-use.  Wastewater can be re-conditioned to make it suitable for use as process water or for use in cooling, fire fighting, washing and other plant activities.

Dexcom provides water and wastewater treatment services and technology. We supply water treatment chemicals, pumps, pipes and other equipment from variety of manufacturers. We install and maintain wastewater and sewage treatment facilities and provide effluent monitoring and comprehensive analytical services for water and wastewater treatment.

We offer technology and services for:

  • Industrial process water
  • Industrial cooling water
  • Industrial wastewater (discharge and re-use)
  • Municipal potable water
  • Municipal wastewater

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