Water Footprinting Services

Water footprinting is the process by which organisations, companies and individuals account for and report on their embodied water consumption.Embodied water is not just about water use on-site, it includes the water used throughout the supply chain and product lifecycle e.g. the water footprint of beer includes and begins with the water consumed during the agricultural growth of the grain used in brewing.

Measuring and addressing water use and consumption is moving up the agenda of companies. Globally, water is becoming scarcer as a resource and gradually more sought after.  Responsible water use, both in-house and up the supply chain, is increasing in importance. The value of responsible water consumption reporting is also recognised as an important part of a company’s CSR obligation.

Organisations can calculate their own water footprint but must ensure that they take a robust approach. Water footprinting is complex. Verco’s knowledge and experience of addressing complex resource issues has helped it develop practical water footprint methods and solutions for its clients.

Verco’s water footprinting service
Verco uses the Water Footprint Network’s Water Footprint Manual methodology as the basis for the water footprints it carries out. Water footprints comprise and are reported as three parts: Blue, Green and Grey water.

  • Blue water is that which is abstracted and consumed from sources such as aquifers and rivers.
  • Green water is that which is consumed from rain fall.
  • Grey water is that which arises from effluent, pollution and fertiliser run-off.

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