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Water & Power

Water Resource Development and Management, Water Quality Assessment, Monitoring and Treatment.

Water Resource Development and Management

  • Surface and ground water studies
  • Project identification
  • Feasibility studies
  • Hydrological analysis
  • Water resources planning and detail design
  • Assessing environmental viability
  • Design of control/hydraulic structures
  • High efficiency irrigation
  • Flood control and mapping
  • Water management and hydraulic modeling

Water Quality Assessment, Monitoring and Treatment

  • Monitoring and mitigation studies
  • Drinking water supply and sanitation
  • Desalination plants( Planning, design and commissioning)
  • Low cost technologies

Agricultural Development and Management

  • Resource survey
  • Irrigation design and development
  • Agriculture productivity in different climatic regions
  • Farming system development
  • Modeling cropping patterns and irrigation systems
  • Landscaping and horticulture
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation

Wastewater Recycle and Solid Waste Management

  • Baseline survey and need assessment
  • Detailed engineering design and estimates
  • Solid waste management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Awareness and information campaigns

Infrastructure Design, Development and Rehabilitation

  • Survey, planning and detail design
  • Improvement and upgrading of all types of water related infrastructure
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Contract administration and management
  • Construction supervision
  • Quality assurance measures and quality control
  • Social and environmental screening
  • Development through public-private partnership

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