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Water Reclamation Service

In today's arid and semi-arid West, reclamation and reuse of our valuable water resources is paramount to meeting tomorrow’s water demands.

The benefits of water reclamation and reuse include:

  • Reduction in source water supplies' needs
  • Reduced energy demand to supply raw water
  • High quality treatment to ensure safe reuse
  • Restoration of a more natural basin-wide hydrologic cycle
  • Recovery of nutrients


The degree of reclamation treatment varies with the intended reuse application. Restricted access irrigation requires the least amount of treatment and benefits from a high nutrient content in the reclaimed effluent. Unrestricted irrigation water requires additional treatment to remove solids and pathogens. Industrial reuse may require further treatment to remove nutrients and dissolved solids. The most stringent treatment requirements are for indirect potable reuse where a multiple barrier treatment approach is necessary.

Civil Water Solutions, LLCcan assist you in all aspects of water reclamation and reuse. We provide the following services:

Water Reclamation Treatment:

  • Biological nutrient removal
  • Chemically assisted precipitation and settling
  • Tertiary rapid sand filtration
  • Membrane filtration
  • Denitrification filters
  • UV light disinfection

Water Reuse Distribution:

  • Water reuse master planning
  • Public information assistance
  • Reuse pumping
  • Reclaimed water distribution mains
  • Terminal storage reservoirs, tanks, and ponds

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