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Water Recycling and Reuse Services


Communities can extend their limited water resources with an well-managed water recycling and reuse program. Water can be recycled by reusing treated wastewater and stormwater for beneficial uses such as landscape irrigation, industrial processes, and replenishing a groundwater basin (groundwater recharge). With adequate treatment, water can sometimes be reused for human consumption—either directly or by blending with another supply source.

Using reclaimed water has other benefits besides augmenting a water supply. Decreased wastewater discharges may reduce waste loads to receiving waters. Reclaimed water has also been used to enhance wetlands and riparian habitats.

DBS&A is familiar with various state recycled water policies and offers proven strategies and the resources necessary to successfully overcome regulatory obstacles. We work with our clients, regulators, potential water users, and other stakeholders to ensure maximum reuse of the water.

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