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Water Resource Planning Services



Water resource planning is one of the more complex activities because it often includes competing interests and limited resources. It is a combination of technical issues that are inherently quantitative balanced with other issues that are qualitative in nature, such as public perception, stakeholder support, or environmental suitability. INTERA is experienced in developing decision support methods for water resources that allow a transparent assessment of both qualitative and quantitative performance metrics in alternatives analysis. We are experts in communicating complex technical concepts to a non-technical audience using a tried and true stakeholder communication process.

Our water resource planning services include:

Decision Support Systems

  • data compilation and analysis
  • development and construction of data support systems
  • analysis of alternatives
  • use of decision support systems for public outreach and stakeholder input

Demand Forecasting

  • data reconstruction (filling data gaps)
  • time series analysis
  • web-based systems for demand management

Water Aailability

  • groundwater
  • surface water
  • predictions of future availability and sustainability
  • analysis of supply impacts

Stakeholder Involvement

  • development of multi-media exhibits for public meetings
  • training and outreach
  • development of decision-support systems that allow stakeholder input and scenario analysis

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