ATAP Infrastructure Management Ltd.

ATAP Infrastructure Management Ltd.

Well and Level Monitoring

Over time, flow from groundwater sources can change. Your aquifer may consolidate, encrustations can develop on the screens and casing, and pumps experience wear leading to possible failure. Communities need to know how efficiently the system is functioning to prevent these disturbances and to meet Regulatory Requirements.

ATAP Infrastructure Management Ltd. uses the Solinst Water Level Meter to meet your level monitoring needs. The Solinst provides accurate water level measurements in areas such as wells, boreholes, standpipes, and piezometers. The attached probe signals measurement of the level to within millimetres.

ATAP will attend your Community and conduct on-site tests to retrieve your level measurement. Static and dynamic well depths, groundwater levels, boreholes, monitor wells, water towers & standpipes, reservoirs, and piezometers can be monitored. Our experienced Technicians capture the data and analyze the results to prevent costly repairs, interrupted service, poor water quality, or to improve the operation of your system.

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