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Workplace Safety Solutions: Culture, Leadership And Certifications. Keeping your employees safe is not simply a matter of knowing the applicable OSHA regulations. As an EHS manager, you need to have employee buy-in for all of your health and safety policies. By having employees buy in to your health and safety program, you can encourage them to take an active role in preventing workplace accidents.

Encouraging Safety Leadership And Safety Culture In The Workplace
Employees take their cue from the top. An effective EHS leader creates and communicates a vision that sets clear and attainable safety and health goals for the workplace. To support a clear safety vision, consider implementing an effective occupational health and safety management system and obtaining OHSAS 18001 certification , or preparing to implement ISO 45001 when it is finalized .

Creating a strong safety culture empowers everyone in the workforce to take charge of safety. An empowered employee takes ownership of the safety program and identifies and calls attention to workplace hazards. Management and employees should go above and beyond the regulatory requirements and truly strive for zero accidents. By providing training above and beyond that required by law , employers can empower their employees to consider safety throughout their work day, even when the supervisors aren’t looking.

This level of employee involvement in workplace safety leads to fewer accidents and reduced turn-over and increases productivity. Creating a safe work environment not only protects workers, but also the bottom-line.

In addition to motivating employees to engage in safety culture, companies can apply to OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) . The VPP is a collaborative program that brings management, employees, and OSHA together to proactively prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

OSHA has created training courses that go above and beyond its required regulatory training which can provide employees with additional safety knowledge. Although not required by OSHA, companies can require employees to obtain further OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour training to become more knowledgeable about workplace safety.

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