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- Glass Treatment


The Zeiss Sport Optics Works in Wetzlar produce, among other things, high quality lenses and prisms. The waste water from optical glass production is treated in a Lugan 20.000 plant from EnviroChemie. The flocculation and flotation plant processes 60 m³ of grinding waste water polluted with heavy metals and suspended matter in three shifts a day. The waste water is treated to a quality level that it can be drained into the sewage system. 

The operation of this process significantly reduces the waste disposal costs because only the dewatered sludge arising at the chamber filter press has to be disposed off, thereby eliminating the need for costly advance separation.  

Capacity: approx. 8 - 10 m³/h

Process: Lugan 20.000 integrated flocculation with dissolved air flotation

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