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1st Level Site Server SCADA System


SCADA solution as a 1st level SCADA system (site server) enables on site monitoring, analyzing, reporting and control by accessing the local OEM SCADA system or interfacing directly to the turbine controller.

1st level SCADA:

Two windparks with two different SCADA systems.


The asset owner has an old fleet without a modern SCADA system and/or the owner has assets that are out of service and warranty from the OEM and is looking for a price competitive alternative that could work across different assets - type and manufacturers brands.  

As a solution we offer the OneView® SCADA as a unified and OEM independent 1st level SCADA system. 


When acting as a 1st level SCADA system, the OneView® SCADA  connects directly to the e.g. turbine controller/PLC or solar collector inverter, collects the data and controls the asset. In addition, it provides full and unlimited control to the turbine data and allows the data to be calculated and displayed according to customer requirements. 

This solution replaces each specific SCADA system with a unified solution on site. Thus each specific park has the same SCADA solution. It connects directly to the turbine controller/PLC, collects the data and provides full and unlimited control to the turbine data.

Furthermore, it can be combined with SCADA level 2, if needed. 


Live data presentation for actual status.

The Unit Monitor model features streaming of live data for all units connected to the OneView® SCADA system, thus enabling the user to gain an overview of key data.

The Park Monitor module offers access to historical production data and production budgets for the selected units.

The Map Monitor module offers an overview of assets based on the geographical location of the units using a map of the world and icons illustrating the operational status of the unit.


The Report module contains a range of standard reports providing an overview of the unit’s performance, event statistics or other points of interest.

You are free to use reports like: OneView® Event Statistics, OneView® Power Curve, OneView® Production Overview. 


Gives access to the historical alarms and events collected for a unit. It is possible to select multiple units and filter to specific events or views using a great variety of filters.

Consists of two main panels: Loaded Alarms and Settings.

Customizable to match your individual needs.


Data Plotter designed for analyzing the historical data stored in the OneView® SCADA databases by plotting selected data of selected duration in relation to time and data. This provides the user with an easy overview of the selected data and gives the ability to analyze data across manufacturer platforms.


The OneView® SCADA Production Module offers full access to all production data in the OneView® SCADA database. Data can be retrieved and plotted over time or as function of other data. As all data is normalized, it is possible to compare data between units of same or different type and across unit manufacturers.


The Task Handler module, accessed via the Configure tab, makes it possible to configure tasks triggered by events or time. The tasks then execute a predefined action such as sending a report via e-mail, or exporting historical data to a file.

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