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How do you ensure products don’t contain ingredients above permitted thresholds in their intended markets? Rapidly changing food trends. Shifting taste preferences. Rising consumer scrutiny. Emerging labeling requirements. Increasingly complex and market specific regulatory obligations. For food, flavor and beverage companies, meeting customer demand while ensuring product compliance is a tall order. How efficiently can you research requirements on labeling, nutritional claims and food ingredient standards? How do you avoid using ingredients that leave products stranded on docks or banned from intended markets?

3E Insight™ for Food, formerly ArielLogic, provides instant access to current regulatory information related to flavors, food ingredients and additives as well as rule based decision support. With this powerful compliance check tool you can immediately identify the impact of regulations on specific food and beverage formulations.

Rather than wasting hundreds if not thousands of hours searching and updating regulatory information your team can focus on delivering safe, innovative products to your customers and avoid supply chain disruptions.

  • Check the regulatory status of ingredients in formulations
  • Identify problematic ingredients in multiple jurisdictions
  • Check alternative uses and concentrations 
  • Research requirements on labeling, nutritional claims, food ingredient standards and more


3E Insight enables you to quickly check the regulatory status of the ingredients in your formulations and determine if they are permissible in the end product application and use concentration. 

The system takes into account the respective country’s current regulatory framework for flavors, food additives, food ingredients, contaminants and standards of identity.


Users can enter a product or formulation with hundreds of ingredients by importing the data from an existing spreadsheet. Enter and compare usage levels and run checks based on function and end use.


3E Insight for Food provides current, comprehensive regulatory data covering a continually expanding array of countries as well as CODEX, FEMA and JECFA. Get instant access to content related to flavors, food ingredients and additives.

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