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ProcessMAP provides a scalable web-based Activity Management solution for tracking tasks and action items driven by regulatory, corporate and management requirements. Whether you use it as a part of the ProcessMAP software suite or as a stand-alone application, our solution becomes the backbone of your organizational EHS management system to establish accountability, provide visibility, manage risk, and retain knowledge.


Enhance EHS Compliance Assurance

ProcessMAP solution provides and auditable and certifiable compliance at any level of the organization and reduce the likelihood of deviations and resulting violations. With automated reminders and alerts, and escalating e-mails all owners stay on top of their assigned tasks.


Ensure Consistency in Tracking Action Items

The enterprise-wide format creates a coherent approach for all users in all facilities a consistent way to manage action items. Assign specific follow-up or recurring tasks to individuals. Then track, escalate, and confirm when these tasks are completed.


Retain Knowledge for Business Continuity

Reduce the loss of “institutional memory” by retaining site/facility compliance matrix (compliance calendar) in the system. The task requirements and history are available for new employees in case of employee turnover or employee absence.  Facility continues to operate without any interruption.


Enterprise Structure Setup

ProcessMAP's Activity Management platform allows you to setup all tasks and activities at the enterprise and facility level. Be able to set up different calendar types and structures, define a company task library setup for easy task creation, and define look up values to ensure trending data accuracy!


Corporate Task Library

Create tasks at the corporate level, place them in the Corporate Task Library, and make them available for use by all of the organization's facilities. Setup optional or mandatory tasks in the library that can be pushed to facilities based on region or division.



Quickly put together various reports to see the status of all pending activity items within your organization, such as: Status Summary Report, Task Detail Report, among other custom reports.


Automated E-Mail Notifications

Make sure there is accountability for all action items with a robust e-mail notification system. Be able to set up scheduled reminders prior to a scheduled deadline, as well as alerts for past due items. Notify the activity owner or create escalation rules to notify the supervisors once action items are past due beyond a specified amount of time.


Create and Perform Tasks

Create tasks on the fly or via a Company Task Library and perform tasks that are recurring and non-recurring in nature, as well as classify them as optional or mandatory. Also establish ownership assignment by role, group, or individual.


Security Configuration

Establish roles and permissions as to who can create, approve and manage pending activity items. Setup single user or groups to conduct and review activities.

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