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The ADAM Environmental Information Management System stores and provides easy access to environmental, asbestos, lead-based paint, and indoor air quality data, reports and documents.

Today’s Challenge

Managing lead-based paint survey and testing data is a difficult task for schools, commercial building, and apartment building owners who are required to protect tenants, students, building maintenance personnel from exposure to the hazards posted by the presence of lead-based paint in their buildings.

The EPA has enacted numerous regulations designed to protect children from exposure to lead that impact schools and apartment building owners.

The EPA requires landlords to provide tenants with information regarding the locations of known lead based paint in their buildings and rental housing units. Throughout the United States, the EPA has been assessing large fines and forcing expensive abatement operations when apartment building owners fail to provide required notifications. In addition, if lead-based paint is disturbed and a child is exposed, there is the potential for a legal action to be brought against the building owner or manager.

In addition to protecting building occupants, OSHA has enacted regulations designed to protect construction workers. Commercial building owners and managers have an obligation to know where lead containing paints are located and to advise workers impacting those materials of their lead content. Keeping track of all these individual building components can be a record keeping nightmare using traditional paper-based methods.

The Solution

The ADAM Lead Management Software is an affordable, easy to use system for managing information regarding the locations of lead-based paint. It enables building owners and managers to store and access lead-based paint survey and testing information and generate EPA compliant notifications that can be distributed to tenants, building maintenance personnel and construction contractors to reduce the risk of inadvertent disturbance of lead-based paint.

The ADAM Lead-based Paint Management Software operates in single user mode or can be configured for multi-user client-server operation. ADAM Lead-based Paint Management Software is available for both PC and MAC operating systems. The ADAM Web Companion can be added to provide view only access to information throughout an organization.

Key Capabilities:

  • Stores XRF, paint chip, dust wipe, and soil sample results
  • Provides easy access to the color, location, quantity, condition, and lead content of tested paints and building coatings.
  • Generates building specific notifications to meet EPA and HUD requirements
  • Stores records of abatement activities
  • Stores electronic reports and documents, drawings showing material locations, and material photos


  • Saves time and reduces risk by providing easy access to lead-paint records and information.
  • Saves time by producing EPA compliant notifications
  • Reduces the risk of litigation and citations by ensuring that lead-paint is not inadvertently disturbed and is properly managed.

Designed for:

  • Property Management Firms
  • Real Estate Investments Trusts
  • Apartment Building Owners
  • Department of Defense Facilities
  • School Districts
  • Daycare Centers
  • Government Agencies
  • Commercial Office Buildings
The ADAM Lead-based Paint Management Software is part of the ADAM Environmental Information Management System. ADAM also manages asbestos, indoor air quality and environmental data, samples, and documents.

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