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Maintaining an accurate inventory of (M)SDSs is critical for workplace safety and fulfilling employee right-to-know requirements. In addition, proper product stewardship, and many other business and regulatory compliance requirements in materials management, new product development, product formulation, substance volume tracking, classification, regulatory reporting and administration of business rules all require efficient and accurate management of vendor (M)SDS information.

Ariel Data Manager (ADM)-VMSDS helps companies meet both product stewardship and workplace safety related (M)SDS data management and compliance challenges. SAP EH&S users can seamlessly load and maintain vendor (M)SDS document images and associated meta-data- product and composition information, various physical-chemical properties- directly into SAP EH&S.

ADM - VMSDS offers a combination of (M)SDS content and a robust loading tool for importing data directly into the Specification Database of SAP EH&S. Now companies can avoid significant capital investment, ongoing maintenance and staffing headaches by leveraging 3E's industry leading infrastructure for global MSDS document obtain-ment,and its secure, high-availability, data management and delivery technology.

No other vendor can offer a single solution for obtainment, tracking, access and enterprise system integration of both regulatory and vendor (M)SDS content in SAP EH&S.

Bulk Updates

ADM - VMSDS allows for bulk updates directly into SAP EH&S in seconds.

Multiple Languages

Depending on the subscription, clients can choose to manage (M)SDS in English only or in several other languages.

Key data indexed from the (M)SDS

Besides the entire (M)SDS image, composition, classification and key physical-chemical data can be imported directly into the Standard

Properties Tree for use in rules, reports, and compliance activities. Available physical-chemical properties include:

  • Physical State
  • Boiling Point
  • Density
  • Flash Point
  • Molecular Weight
  • PH
  • Specific Gravity
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Vapor Density
  • Auto Ignition Temperature
  • Dynamic Viscosity

ADM-VMSDS enables SAP EH&S users to streamline:


Hand off the onerous and ongoing challenge of obtaining Vendor (M)SDS documents from suppliers


Provide corporate-wide web access to all Vendor (M)SDS documents required by your company


Seamlessly integrate directly into SAP EH&S
Classification, physical/chemical end-points and composition data from your Vendor (M)SDSs
Images of Vendor (M)SDSs

Change Management

Manage on-going changes and load new Vendor (M)SDSs in SAP EH&S with a few clicks


Support business processes requiring Vendor substance information such as Substance Exposure Profiling

Data Consolidation

Centralize data on the standard SAP platform, eliminating point solutions and redundant data maintenance

Reduce Infrastructure and Administrative Costs

Avoid significant capital investment, ongoing maintenance and staffing headaches.

Improve Compliance

3E obtains the vendor (M)SDSs and manages ongoing revisions, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date version available.

Feel Secure about Data Quality

ADM-VMSDS is built on the expertise and best practices that 3E Company has developed over years of delivering vendor (M)SDS management services to thousands of clients.

Increase Efficiency

Leverage data for multiple uses such as substance volume tracking, exposure profiling and regulatory reporting.


3E Company's comprehensive suite of data products and information services enables improved compliance with global Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) requirements related to the safe manufacturing, distribution, transportation, usage and disposal of chemicals and hazardous products. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, transporter, retailer or corporate user of chemicals or hazardous products, 3E can deliver a program specific to the EH&S compliance information and management needs of your organization that provides benefits to the entire enterprise and throughout the supply chain. 3E Company's full product lifecycle and supply chain approach provides a single, integrated solution for managing EH&S capabilities, resulting in reduced cost, risk and liability while improving business and compliance processes.

With the spotlight shining brightly on EH&S compliance, companies are challenged with finding effective ways to address the complexities and intricacies of EH&S compliance management. Not only do these challenges stem from a constantly-changing regulatory landscape, but also from a scarcity of newcomers to the EH&S field, and pressure on EH&S departments to manage increased responsibility with fewer resources. Addressing these issues requires broad and deep domain expertise—expertise that doesn't always exist within the company. And if it does, this expertise is probably best utilized by driving the company's overall compliance strategy, not bogged down with paperwork or the administrative burdens associated with maintaining compliance.

At 3E Company, we understand the business and the burden of EH&S information and compliance management. 3E Company is a comprehensive, one-stop solution for content, tools and services for companies that want to take effective leadership and control of their product stewardship and EH&S compliance activities. 3E's products and services help companies make the transition from simply managing for compliance, to cutting-edge product stewardship practices that deliver tangible and sustainable business results.

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