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Advanced Compliance for Skillport offers a proven, industry-leading solution that makes training, curriculum management and online reporting of your compliance needs flexible, convenient and cost-effective.

Compliance with Federal Statutes and Regulations
Maintaining compliance with federal statutes and regulations is a critical  and ongoing challenge for your business. Employees must be provided with current, targeted information regarding how federal legal provisions affect their performance in the workplace. Empowering your employees  with the knowledge they need to “do the right thing” leads to greater  productivity, fewer legal and regulatory violations, and reduced potential  liability for your entire organization.  Legal Compliance training can also help fulfill a variety of mandatory  employee training obligations. In turn, productivity rises while the likelihood  of litigation and the potential for civil and criminal penalties, adverse  jury verdicts, and negative publicity decline. Likewise, Environmental,  Safety, and Health (ESH) training significantly reduces risk of injuries in  the workplace.

Individual and Group Assignments
Administrators can leverage learner profiles to construct demographic, curricula, or  qualification groups and assign appropriate compliance requirements to individual  learners or groups. Assignments can include Skillsoft, custom, and offline content  by demographics, pre-requisites, recurring rules and more.

One-Time and Recurring Training
Assignment of online and offline training events can be scheduled as one-time-only  or recurring. In one-time-only training, completion is recorded when the learner  finishes the training and no further action occurs. For recurring assignments,  completion is recorded at finish of initial training, and is automatically reassigned  based on the configured requirements.

Launch and Status
Skillport aggregates all assignments, giving learners a convenient single point to  view and launch learning. Learners can confirm their status in courses and can print  completion certificates.

Training exemptions or equivalencies may be granted by the administrator to individuals or entire demographic groups.

Automated Training Notification and E-mail Reminders
In addition to standard templates including “Learner Initial Notice of Training,” “Learner Overdue Notice,” and “Supervisor Summaries,” administrators can  completely customize and configure e-mail messages.

Records Management
A complete training history is kept for each learner, including all accesses, re-trains,  and completions. Advanced Compliance can also share data to automatically remain  up-to-date with most Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), including those provided by Oracle-PeopleSoft, SAP and Sentient.

Tracking and Reporting Progress
Advanced Compliance provides robust filtering and export options. Administrators  may run reports for groups or individuals to obtain a rapid status view of training  progress, and can also configure and automate reports for supervisors at  defined intervals

  • Facilitates the assignment of specific training events to be set and tracked to completion for different administrator-defined learner groups.
  • Adapts to organizations of any size with powerful technology and simple, straightforward interfaces for learner and administrator.
  • Supports establishment of demographic groups, pre-requisites, exemptions and equivalencies.
  • Tracks all training formats: Web-based, classroom, on-the-job, video and other.
  • Supports recurrence with both courses and entire learning programs.Automatic replacement of retired content.
  • Allows for immediate review of training status through flexible and robust reporting, including notification-tracking reports.
  • Assignment-level scoring requirements.
  • Question-level tracking for capable SCORM courses.
  • Support for course completion certificates as well as custom certificates at both the site and course level. Allows administrators to view and print learner completion certificate

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