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AEccessor is a simple software application that provides a virtual replica of the interface screens of a Model AE33 Aethalometer® on a remote computer. AEccessor allows the instrument operator or manager to check its status, verify correct operation and make any changes if necessary – from any computer anywhere, to any Aethalometer anywhere in the world.  AEccessor is a stand-alone application that requires nothing other than an internet connection.

When instruments are installed in remote locations it is convinient to have remote access, so that the instrument status can be checked and configuration parameters altered. AEccessor is a stand alone software that allows Aethalometers AE33 to be remotely via internet connection.

  1. Connect the AE33 Aethalometer to the internet.  Upgrade its software if necessary.
  2. Press the ‘Network Communication Enable’ button.
  3. Install AEccessor on a computer connected to the same intranet.
  4. Different options how to connect to the instrument are:
    • VPN (IT infrastructure required)
    • TeamViewer (local PC required)
    • Port forwarding (router configuration required)

  • Provides real-time remote control.
  • Provides a virtual replica of all of the Aethalometer interface screens.
  • Provides control input identical to pressing the instrument’s touch-screen.
  • Does not interfere with instrument operation or data-gathering.

Be assured of Aethalometer performance

  • Confirmation that the remote instrument is working properly.
  • Remote check of supply of Filter Tape remaining

Stay connected

  • No need for field trips to check up on instruments.
  • Be informed of any issues before going into the field.
  • Instrument parameters can be changed remotely.

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