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- Version TrendVision - Gas Chromatography Software


TrendVision Chromatography Software is a complete Chromatography Integration package that provides the Gas Chromatograph Operator with all the tools needed to interpret the Data and Results from the Chromatograph.

It integrates all the instrument control, data handling, display, reporting and export functions needed in the usual industrial and laboratory environment into one package. This is contrary to many other systems, where simultaneous running of many different software applications is necessary to provide the same level of services.

The software was designed with the process industry requests in mind after exhaustive discussion with our concerned customers.  Their request was to eliminate some very complex utilities, which are typically needed only in universal laboratory type softwares – and at the same time putting the emphasis on the needs of the process and process minded people.

Its extended capabilities enable all Methods to be stored with valve timings to so that the GC is allowed to operate in an automatic mode.  Up to Four GC channels are available and allow data from up to Eight continuous Gas Analysers to be displayed within the Software.  This means that 3rd party analysers e.g. Moisture, O2, CO2 analysers can have their results displayed beside the data from the GC.  This provides the Operator with meaningful information that can be transmitted back to the Control Room or PLC if needed.

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