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Air Counts


AirCounts is a new online tool developed by Abt Associates to help cities calculate the health benefits of air quality improvements and the economic value of those benefits.

Why Cities Need AirCounts
As cities begin establishing climate change policies and programs to improve air quality, policymakers will need to know the benefits those programs are expected to reap — benefits such as fewer premature deaths and decreased cardiovascular and respiratory problems as well as the financial savings that will result.

Calculating Benefits
Using the map (or drop-down menu) and the online calculator, you can determine the benefits of various reductions in fine particulate matter emissions for any of the C40 or other cities represented here. C40 Cities are a network of the world’s megacities which are committed to addressing climate change.

Customized Analyses
Abt Associates can provide results for various health benefits. We can also develop customized analyses for virtually any geographic area and incorporate time as an analytical dimension.

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