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AIRMAP is an atmospheric dispersion model designed to predict the trajectory and fate of a wide variety of chemical substances and biological agents in the atmosphere.

  • Hindcast/forecast of release into atmosphere
  • Evaluate human health risk
  • Contingency and response planning (e.g., for security related to accidental or intentional releases)
  • Evaluation of discharges from fixed or moving point sources
  • Drills and education

  • Contains RPS ASA’s own GIS or can be used in other GIS software such as ArcView®
  • Easily interpreted visual display of temporally and spatially varying concentrations, not just contour plots
  • 3D Viewer capabilities
  • Plot concentration with time for any point in the domain, or maximum concentration as a function of time
  • MSDS database linked to the physical-chemical database
  • Extensive chemical database providing physicalchemical data

  • Integrated GIS
  • Moving or fixed source
  • Hazard Quotient and Time Weighted Average (TWA) Calculations
  • Environmental, Chemical, and MSDS Databases

  • Moving or stationary sources
  • Time-varying source fluxes
  • Release over land or water
  • Transport and dispersion materials in the atmosphere
  • Evaporation and volatilization
  • Natural degradation

  • Concentrations as a function of time, position and height
  • Time weighted average concentrations (Immediate Danger to Life or Health (IDLH) and Time Weighted Average TWA), for example for comparison to human health criteria
  • Hazard Quotients, such as(PEC/PNEC)

  • Environmental database - includes coastline and ecological habitat information
  • Chemical database - includes important data on the physical and chemical properties of common chemical compounds. Users can add new compounds from scratch or create modified versions of compounds already within the database
  • MSDS database - ChemWatch, Chemical Management System’s comprehensive Health and Safety information database, is linked directly to the Chemical Database

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