Applied Groundwater Hydrology

Our services in this area are focused to provide solutions to problems derived from the existence of underwater and to fully exploit hydro-geological and energetic resources.

Groundwater hydrology and infrastructures
We offer solutions to problems derived from the interaction between engineering activities and groundwater.  

Control marks for Yesa water reservoir
Specifically, in the case of: Tunnels and underground building works. Studies of effects. Studies of permeability, drainage and filtering. Quality and pollution of water.

Urban groundwater hydrology
We optimize the interaction between human settlements and underlying aquifers, making the most of its advantages and minimizing negative effects.  

This is carried out thanks to: Management plans of urban subsoil. Geothermal exploitations. Monitoring networks. Reuse and natural depuration of water.

Groundwater hydrology exploitation
It consists of groundwater management directed to increase natural regulation and sustainable use of water.

This is translated into: Assessment and description of aquifers. Transformations into irrigation areas. Consultancy to users communities. Natural regulation studies. Intelligent management of aquifers. Tele-control. Design of protection perimeters.

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