- Version XGAS 232 - Gas Analysis Reports Software


XGAS 232 is a software that provides gas analysis reports made, with simple archiving to be consulted, through the acquisition of analytical results.

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Born for which customers?

  • Mainly for all secondary medical gas producers
  • For primary gas producers when they use portable analyzers
  • For all those customers who have a dated but valid fixed or portable analyzer, they want to manage the analyzes in a modern and efficient way
Why was XGAS-232 born?
  • To facilitate the use of oxygen analyzers during production and for the timed control of the stored gas.
  • To facilitate the storage and management of measures.
  • To be simply connected to RS232 serial ports

    present in the analyzers facilitating the task of the operator.

XGAS-232 is supplied on a self-installing CD and equipped with a hardware key that will be inserted into a USB port available on the PC, both desktop and portable.


The connection between the oxygen analyzers and the PC can take place using the RS232 port, by means of a RS232 converter for USB port or via a one-port serial PCMCIA, these components are not part of the software equipment.
  • Medical O2 control also in continuous.
  • Acquisition of the lot number and serial number of the cylinder or tank.
  • Entering the name of the responsible operator.
  • Verification of the limits of acceptability of the measurement and of the alarm conditions.
  • Verification of the correct functionality of the signal acquisition system.
  • Printing of the test reports on a module freely configurable by the customer A4 or the list of analysis reports carried out in a certain period.
  • Print the labels.
  • Development of driver for analyzers with specific RS232 protocol also for analysis on different gaseous substances for which control is required.

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