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- Monitoring & Interactive System

AQUA-TEL is a computer program which enables you to, view and interact with, all your remote, electrical installations for example:Vacuum sewage systems,Pressure systems,Gravity systems.You are only a mouse-click away before, the most complex, remote installation appears on the screen before you.Through your (mobile) telephone and lap-top, world wide access can be gained so technicians can interact and solve problems without even leaving the service van.


What else can AQUA-TEL do for me ?
AQUA-TEL monitors your installation 24 hours per day.
It reports to you by your chosen telephone numbers, with SMS messages, sending you, last minute technical information.

AQUA-TEL feeds you with hard evidence. It assists you in proving your point or even showing your technical achievements.

Criteria when choosing a Monitoring System:

Could the Monitoring System expand with feature demands?
For example, expansion in civil engineering projects or added sensors in stations are, more often then not, met with, rigid monitoring software packages that simply can not accommodate.Aqua-Tel, has no 'expansion' limits. Changes to the software can be easily made, saving time and costs.

How easy is it to use.
In normal practice, the extended use of a monitoring system is only required when a series problem occurs. Because these situations do not arise very often, users find that, they have to retrain themselves in using the monitoring system.

Aqua-Tel, is a user friendly, self explanatory system, with 'user assistance'. A very basic WINDOWS knowledge is all what is needed.

What happens when the Monitoring System fails?
Most monitoring systems work through and are dependent on, a central computer. All stations report to this central computer daily.
Stations with failures call the central computer. The central computer calls then engineering. Failure in the central computer renders the hall system helpless.

Aqua-Tel works with an entirely deferent principle. No central computer is needed. A station with a problem calls directly to an engineer, informing, in detail, the nature and course of its failure.
Should further contact with a station be needed, any lap-top, house computer or office computer with Aqua-Tel software, can be employed.

In general:
Aqua-Tel has been primarily developed to, monitor and interact with vacuum stations (a highly specialized field) or other systems.
It can run parallel to other monitoring systems or it can be adapted, with the use of interface units, to monitor all water flow processes.
It offers: a) quick responds to failures,

  • Accurate information/advice to problem solving,
  • Data information over a long period,
  • préventive diagnoses.


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