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Hydro-Logic Services

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AQUATOR is a state-of-the-art modelling package developed for Windows PCs that simulates the operation of complex water resource supply networks. Originally developed by Oxford Scientific Software in 2001, AQUATOR is now extensively used in the UK by the Water Companies, Environment Agency and SEPA, Engineering Consultants, and by numerous academic institutions for teaching and research purposes. It is also used internationally.


AQUATOR incorporates a full component toolbox that enables the modelling of all real-world components present in a water resource system. Complex operating rules can be developed that accurately reflect real-world operational constraints such as reservoir control curves, abstraction licence conditions, minimum flow requirements and leakage.

HLS can deliver the following AQUATOR related services:

  • Model development, audit and documentation
  • Model customisation utilising Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Modelling advice and troubleshooting
  • Simulation of water resources system behaviour
  • Optimisation of water resources system performance
  • Implementation of complex licence and operating rules
  • Intervention analysis e.g. effects of new resources on water system deployable output, changes in operating policy and responses to regulatory incentives
  • Deployable output (or yield) determination
  • Climate change scenario analysis
  • Training in water resources modelling

HLS are authorised resellers and trainers for the AQUATOR platform, and provide first-line support to all AQUATOR licence holders, many of whom attend the annual AQUATOR user group meetings.

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