ArcGIS for Server



ArcGIS for Server gives you the fine-grain control you need to provide secure, reliable GIS services to every web, mobile, and desktop application in your organization.


Deliver GIS Services
Your ArcGIS for Server site is a GIS services power plant for your enterprise. You get centralized management of all your services for mapping, imagery, globes, geocoding, geodata management, and more. And you can deliver powerful GIS functionality, such as web editing, network analysis, and schematics, as well as modelling, statistical, and other geo-analytic tools.


Respond to the Demand for Maps and GIS Tools
ArcGIS for Server’s IT friendly architecture lets you quickly scale your GIS system to accommodate spikes in demand, as well as grow your capacity along with your customer base. You can add and remove GIS servers as needed within your own infrastructure, in virtualized environments, and in the cloud.


Power Applications with GIS Capabilities
The services you create and manage with ArcGIS for Server can be integrated with your enterprise applications—giving the end-user the power of GIS in a single click. Developers have access to comprehensive web mapping APIs and mobile runtime SDKs that can be used to create amazing mapping applications or integrating maps and GIS capabilities into existing web, mobile and desktop apps.


Start Using GIS Services Right Away, No Programming Necessary
Your GIS services work a variety of free, configurable apps, including

  • ArcGIS Viewer for Flex and ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight
  • Map Viewer
  • Esri Maps for Office
  • ArcGIS mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone


Manage Enterprise Geodatabases
You can create and manage a central spatial information repository using relational database management systems, including

  • IBM® DB2® and IBM Informix® Dynamic Server
  • Microsoft® SQL Server®, Microsoft SQL Server Express, and Microsoft SQL Azure®
  • Netezza
  • Oracle®
  • PostgreSQL

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