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Asbestos is a hazardous substance and most jurisdictions have regulations about how to handle, remove, and dispose of it. In Ontario, for example, facilities are required to identify hazardous substances such as asbestos prior to upgrades, repairs, or any work that may disturb the material. The iMAP Asbestos Management System, part of the iMAP Software, helps facility owners identify where asbestos exists within a facility and meet all legislative asbestos management requirements. The iMAP Asbestos Management System identifies risks, keeps workers safe, and helps commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities prioritize and schedule asbestos removal and insulation upgrades.

What are the advantages of an iMAP Asbestos Management System?

Identifies, documents, and labels asbestos containing materials (ACM)

Aided by the iMAP Software, iMAP certified users conduct a systematic survey on equipment, piping, structures, and buildings. A detailed survey of the mechanical insulation, fireproofing and building systems includes sampling, tagging, labeling, photographing, and documenting where asbestos exists, and identifying the type, percentage, and condition of the asbestos in each instance. Auditors collect materials using a sample point system, and submit samples to an accredited laboratory for analysis. iMAP Software documents ACM on floor plans, complete with lab results and geotagged images. Auditors also physically label ACM systems for easy visual identification in the field.

Ensures regulatory compliance

iMAP Asbestos Management System includes asbestos hazard codes – details of your region’s legislation and regulations – that help organize efficient and complete data entry. By matching results in the field with local legislation, iMAP Software ensures your facility complies with applicable regulations for reporting, remediation, and removal.

Improves productivity

Maintaining an asbestos management plan, as required by many jurisdictions and industries, is simpler when all standards, documents, and information are integrated in one place. iMAP Software is a complete data management system, where you can store engineer’s drawings, plant isometrics, piping and instrumentation drawings (P&ID), digital imaging, lab results, and other documents as required. Authorized users enjoy secure access to all documentation and reports from any web browser. They can give field workers up-to-date site information and ensure contractors have all the information they need to execute a work order.

Simplifies planning and budgeting

iMAP Software defines asbestos maintenance priorities, using priority codes based on audit results, applicable legislation, industry standards, and any corporate standards. Similarly, reason codes identify abatement priorities. iMAP Software also recommends best ways to approach repairs and abatement, and calculates the costs including access, material, and labour. You can easily configure and view reports by budget, priority codes, or equipment location, helping you plan remediation activities.

Reduces time to repair

iMAP asbestos audits allow facilities to efficiently schedule asbestos removal and insulation upgrades while minimizing risk to maintenance crews. ACM identification in the software and in the field helps plan workflow and equips contractors with valuable information that maintains worker safety.

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