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Maximize Weather-Driven Trading Opportunities. Trusted by the world's leading forecasters and largest financial institutions to identify demand risks and mispriced markets. Built for commodities traders and meteorologists who require the most advanced forecasting engine and meteorological advisory support available, the Aurora product suite is powered by a proprietary multi-model forecasting ensemble and a team of experienced meteorologists.

  • Probabilistic Forecasting Intelligence Up To 40 Days In Advance
  • Daily, Industry-Optimized Analytics And Insights
  • Experienced Meteorological Research And Support


Our temperature forecasting guidance dashboard is powered by TempRisk, an objective and probabilistic full-distribution model that predicts the long-range risk of heat waves and cold snaps through advanced data analysis and machine learning.

The Aurora Terminal integrates and displays a unique blend of weather data, including our own proprietary models and external models, such as the GFS and European Center for Medium Range Forecasts (ECMWF). With visualized, quantified weather risk, you can feel confident making critical, timely business decisions.

  • Comprehensive, one-stop-shop for model guidance
  • Independent, objective, and unbiased analysis
  • Unparalleled lead time for quantified weather risk

Visualize the likelihood of warm and cold anomalies

Probabilistic Weather Risk
Determine size, scale, and tenor of trading opportunities

Actionable Insights
Unlock useful predictions for long-range decisions

Our reporting suite provides insights derived from the full breadth of worldwide meteorological data and the proprietary models and tools developed here at Riskpulse. They include in-depth analysis, long-range forecast interpretation, and commentary provided by our expert meteorologist team.

Whether specializing in agriculture or energy commodities trading, our reports communicate the time-sensitive, objective, and actionable information needed to support your highest value business decisions.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal summaries
  • Customized for industry-relevant regions
  • Five weeks of regional forecast data at-a-glance

Early Morning Snapshot
Your first look at forecast risks, HDDs, and numerical model changes

Model Updates
Market-moving changes in GFS and ECMWF weather data during the trading day

Historical Analysis
Replay forecast scenarios in which trading decisions were made

We construct creative solutions fit for you through expert weather analysis and tailored forecast products. We offer the accessibility of an in-house met while harnessing the resources of a large vendor by conducting exclusive research and building products unavailable to your competition.

Our deep network of academic research partners enables us to stay on the cutting edge of forecasting techniques and provide you with revealing insights about the weather and climate impacts to your business. Past projects include:

  • Tailored projects to link weather forecasts to financial decisions
  • Deep network of academic research partners
  • Over 60 years of combined meteorological experience
  • Stratospheric Impacts
  • Enhanced predictability of stratospheric warming / cooling and impacts to European & U.S. weather

Model Risk
Indicates when numerical models are inaccurate and the direction of change

Wind Risk
Statistical / empirical guidance to identifying the relationship between German wind power and short-to-medium-range weather signals

With more than 60 years of combined experience at a trading desk, we deliver industry-leading advisory services by integrating our backgrounds linking weather to commodities trading alongside our weather risk platform.

We sharpen your trading edge by helping traders understand how forecasts will evolve and predict the impact of weather on energy and agriculture markets.

  • Supporting you like an in-house met with hands-on engagement
  • More combined trading experience than any other weather service
  • Discover when the market mis-prices weather risk

Daily Phone Consultation
One-on-one calls with our team each morning

Academic Research Partners
Supporting us to advance forecasting techniques and improve accuracy

On-Demand Access
Available to answer your most pressing questions during weather events

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