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Axiom is a powerful software system developed by the scientists and engineers at Applied Spectra and integrated into every RT100 Series LIBS instrument. Designed for intuitive use and flexibility, Axiom easily collects, analyzes and delivers precise and accurate LIBS spectral results. Easy to interpret icons, logical placement of action buttons, means less time setting up and more time doing chemical analysis. In less than 10 minutes, you can be collecting information about your samples! Sophisticated functions are also included to give users the flexibility to change parameters to obtain optimal results for unique samples and unique sampling conditions. Applied Spectra offers an advanced chemometric software package which identifies and discriminates between different materials based on pre-selected or broadband spectral features. We deliver chemical knowledge about your samples, not just data.


Axiom’s Breakthrough Features

Axiom is loaded with easy-to-use features that are indispensible when performing LIBS analyses. A crisp camera image, obtained via the auto-focusing feature, ensures the laser beam is correctly focused for best energy coupling to your sample target .You can analyze both large and small sample areas rapidly using the pre-installed sampling protocols. Do you need to sample a large number of locations, but don’t want to waste time sitting in front of the instrument? You can place multiple points over the specific areas to be sampled, or designate larger areas to be sampled with a sampling grid pattern, and then walk away and leave the RT100 to do all the work! You can even raster the entire surface of a sample in any pattern of your choice.


Efficient and Accurate Peak ID with TruLIBS

TruLIBS is a “true” LIBS database developed in the LIBS laboratories at Applied Spectra. Unlike other emission databases that are commonly used to interpret LIBS data, TruLIBS emission lines were generated using a laser ablation source together with a highly sensitive spectrometer specially optimized to collect LIBS spectra. The resulting intensities and emission wavelengths are very accurate for LIBS.

TruLIBS allows users to load experimental LIBS spectra directly from the Axiom software and identify and label peaks in a matter of seconds. Single elements, groups of elements, or even the entire periodic table can be easily searched. If you are trying to find out which lines are in a certain spectral region, TruLIBS handles that too. Just put in the wavelength range and hit the search button.


Simple and Powerful Analysis of LIBS Spectra with Axiom

With the Axiom software package, hundreds of spectra can be analyzed in seconds. Features like background subtraction of your spectra and flexible peak integration parameters allow you to see your true signal intensity and determine your signal-to-noise ratio. Once you’ve subtracted your spectral background, select your peaks of interest, select your local background for the peaks and let Axiom integrate the area under the curve(s) with a click of a button.

You can also find the ratio of one peak to another, using Axiom’s powerful settings. Axiom automatically calculates the standard deviations for all your peaks. Plus, Axiom lets you analyze entire folders and directories simultaneously.


Generate Calibration Curves and Perform Quantitative Analyses

Use Axiom to determine the concentrations of your elements by plotting calibration curves based on certified reference standards. Choose an emission line of one or more elements of interest and automatically plot calibration curves to determine concentrations of unknown samples and limits of detection (LOD) for the chemical element. It’s a fast, easy and accurate way to determine concentrations.

Track LIBS Statistics

Axiom lets you compare multiple spectra as you collect your data. Monitoring individual peak intensities in real time will help optimize your sampling protocols. You can also watch the RT100 laser’s consistency and shot-to-shot variability using built-in software functions.

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