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Hit the road with Azuga FleetMobile, the fleet tracking app that rewards drivers. Every Fleet subscription includes FleetMobile. From safe-driving scores and rewards to trip logs, Azuga FleetMobile™ ensures your drivers hit the road with everything they need to get the job done. And with its admin view, FleetMobile makes it easy for supervisors to monitor and reward drivers in or out of the office.

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Make the job more rewarding. Take the perfect fleet management app on the road.

Track safety scores.
With FleetMobile, each driver can keep tabs on his or her safety score. Performance is tracked in real time, making self assessment easy.

Reward driver excellence.
Great drivers are invaluable—reward and retain them. Fleet features a rewards program that’s easy to administer, and drivers love.

Limit distractions.
Add DriveSafe and block smartphone distractions—such as texting, calling, and app use—when the vehicle is in motion.

Simplify timecards.
Add TimeCard, and FleetMobile makes it easy for drivers to track time in real time, and submit timecards right from their phones.

Log and tag trips.
When a driver uses FleetMobile, data is captured from every vehicle he or she drives, creating a comprehensive trip log—trips can also be tagged as business or personal.

Increase efficiency.
Leverage a range of built-in utilities, such as vehicle health monitoring, navigation, tracking, parked vehicle location, and third-party apps.

Driver Scores
See how well drivers perform behind the wheel, what habits need work, and how coworkers stack up against one another—spurring friendly competition for rewards.

Driver Rewards
Reward drivers for a job well done behind the wheel. With a tap, managers can send rewards—and drivers receive them—using FleetMobile. Rewards can also be sent via Fleet.

Quick and easy to install, Azuga Tracker OBDII installation is made even simpler with easy-to-follow instructions in hand.

Trip Logs and Tags
Tag trips as business or personal and capture details, including starting point, destination, stops, locations, distance, speed, and idle time.

Alerts and Notifications
Set up alerts and receive automatic notifications when safety issues, such as speeding or hard braking, are detected.

Find it Forward
Find places—such as gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, and ATMs—near your current location.

Where Did I Park?
See where your vehicle is parked, how far away you are, and follow the recommended route to get to it.

Vehicle Diagnostics
View the status of a vehicle’s health—live—via diagnostic trouble codes. Use diagnostic reports for ongoing monitoring.

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