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bluebee cloud is an Industry 4.0 platform that enables Risk Prevention decisions based on true data from Mobile Users and Connected Objects.

bluebee® cloud enables companies operating physical assets in China's tough business environment and fast-changing regulatory landscape to enforce Asset & Risk Management best practices from board room to field workers.

bluebee® cloud is an Industry 4.0 platform that natively interacts with Mobile Users and Connected Objects to enable Risk Prevention decisions based on true data from the field. Entirely web-based, bluebee® cloud visually integrates with 3D BIM (Building Information Models) and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) for easy end-users access.

Enforcing international best practices

bluebee® cloud is designed to facilitate the implementation of the ISO 55000 Asset Management  (or its Chinese equivalent GB/T 33172) and ISO 31000 Risk Management framework and to demonstrate compliance to the various stakeholders (owners, clients, regulators).  bluebee® cloud supports the entire asset lifecycle, from construction to operation, for owners and operators. Technical services providers use bluebee® cloud across multiple clients, contracts and locations.

A robust scalable platform

bluebee® cloud is built on the highly scalable LAMP technology, which powers the world's largest websites, ensuring availability and security for business-critical applications, while eliminating dependency on giant IT vendors (database, operating system), considerably reducing IT costs. The platform is natively cloud-based, running on Siveco cloud or on customers' own servers.

IoT and Mobile Workers

bluebee® cloud connects to Connected Objects such as Bluetooth instruments and sensors, as well as to SCADA/DCS/BMS via bluebee® sync. With bluebee® mobile, field workers play the key role in the Internet of Things (IoT).

bluebee® cloud supports Asset Management, Risk Prevention, Maintenance and Inspection Management, Technical & Field Services based on highly configurable modules in three main functional areas.

Asset management

bluebee® cloud provides a structured register of assets: objects and categories (e.g. city, building, equipment, sensor, control point) with specific attributes, function, criticality and operating status. Related data is readily available: meters and indicators, spare parts, work templates (SOPs, preventive maintenance, inspections), documents, etc. as well as past records, such as incidents, work orders, audit reports.

Work management

bluebee® cloud manages corrective and preventive work, inspections, risk assessments, meter readings etc. with standard templates, actions and checklists. Thanks to seamless integration with the bluebee® mobile app, full traceability is assured. Work orders can be triggered by requests or incidents, based on condition, meter value or alarms, from Connected Objects or mobile input. Planning, scheduling and dispatch of work orders can be fully automated, with configurable workflows.

Resources management

bluebee® cloud hold all data related to personnel, entities and teams, skills and certifications, as well as tools, parts, suppliers, contracts (including customer contracts for technical service suppliers) or connects to the ERP system when available. Resources are then assigned to assets (e.g. team in charge of a building under contract) and work orders (e.g. spare parts required to perform a task).

A user-friendly web portal

Thanks to the fully configurable web portal, normal people not accustomed to business applications use bluebee® cloud via a standard browser on PC, tablet or large touch-screen display in the control room. Screens, menus and terminology are all customizable.

Objects can be placed on embedded GIS maps and layouts. Focused 3D BIM models can be displayed for safe and efficient work preparation

A powerful technological toolbox

Embedded tools allow system configuration and administration on a large scale, design of dashboards, KPIs and graphical reports, easy import and export of data, as well as mobile devices and users' management.

A true Industry 4.0 solution, the bluebee® suite is able to flexibly integrate with the existing IT infrastructure, thanks to its standard Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). bluebee® cloud communicates not only with state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things (IoT) technology, but also with legacy systems, thus avoiding their premature replacement.

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