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CiSCO has developed a solution to your reporting needs for ECMPS reporting – our ECMPS compatible software is called breez75x. This software package is a modification/extension of our highly acclaimed breez75 software. The breez75x software has been delivered since the spring of 2008 when sites could start reporting using the ECMPS format and Client Tool. Sites purchasing breez75x also receive an upgrade to the latest version of CeDAR as well as a monitoring plan review and update. Quite simply, generating an EDR using breez75x makes EDR creation, well, a breeze! If your site has not yet switched to breez75x, it is time to consider the switch that will speed your EDR generating time dramatically, make file maintenance much easier.

CiSCO offers a complete array of EDR support options for those plants who wish to have CiSCO create their EDR’s for them as well as options for limited and unlimited telephone support for those who need a little extra help. CiSCO can provide you with a list of the various support programs.

CiSCO is committed to continuing to provide the best software for your CEMS reporting needs and we are staying at the forefront of all EPA requirements and changes. As always, CiSCO prides itself on offering the best customer service possible for all of our clients. Please let us know how we can better serve you and your CEMS software needs.

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