- Version Type 3663 - Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) Recorder



Sonoscout is a highly portable system that quickly records NVH data and validates results immediately using an iPad. The Sonoscout app for iPad works in combination with a wireless LAN-XI data acquisition front-end. This can connect to measurement transducers, a binaural microphone headset and a vehicle CAN bus reader, and transmits the data to the iPad – or records directly onto an SD card. A free demonstration mode lets you try the Sonoscout app without purchasing anything. Sonoscout is an ideal first step in the acquisition of data, to check its relevance before sending it for analysis in PULSE Reflex, an NVH simulator, or other post-processing purposes.

  • Portable, battery-powered data recording
  • Characterisation of NVH recordings with spectrograms, order cutting, filtering, sound quality metrics
  • Benchmarking
  • Simple troubleshooting
  • Creating PULSE NVH Simulator vehicle-level models
  • General sound and vibration recordings
  • GPS tracking of measurement routes
  • Exporting in common file formats: .bkc, .pti, .wav, .hdf

  • Records up to 12 channels
  • Dual-channel playback for listening and evaluation
  • FFT, order analysis, spectrogram analysis, sound quality metrics
  • Narrowband and 1/3-octave band analysis (synthesised)
  • Pre-triggering and auto-stop functions
  • Time history markers
  • Automated calibration procedure
  • TEDS support
  • No input ranging with Dyn-X technology
  • SD card recording option for front-end
  • Analogue CAN bus support

With Sonoscout, measurements are controlled on a clearly visible dashboard-mounted iPad. A simple interface lets you mark events and replay time histories immediately after recording. Then you can validate data by exploring it with your fingertips, listening to replays, and comparing with other tests and vehicles. Consequently, engineers can easily ensure their results and data are reliable before leaving the test vehicle, and ultimately perform more engineering on the go.


Fully control your measurements on an iPad on the dashboard, where you can see all test information as it records.

Maximum confidence comes from seeing that your test setup is working perfectly and that your data recording is valid – from the driver’s seat.

  • View acoustic, vibration, tacho and CAN bus signals


Touch the data to validate and explore

  • Be certain of your results in the simplest way possible using multi-touch analysis – such as pinching graphs to zoom them.
  • Immediately compare up to four tests and analysis types of your choice, and listen to selected parts of the time history.

Simple one-person operation

  • Big control buttons and intuitive multi-touch operation make Sonoscout so simple to navigate that it doesn’t need a manual. 
  • Tap the screen to switch between colour-coded measurement channels, mark important events and time periods and more.

Listen and record with the binaural headset

Make rapid recordings at the ear position and quickly replay them, without extra microphones. The headset plugs directly into the LAN-XI module and also lets you listen to other transducers, to check their setup status.


Grab and go when time is short

Quickly place the compact LAN-XI front-end anywhere using short transducer cables and power from the self-contained battery.

The data acquisition front-end eliminates input ranging and the risks of overloads, under-ranges and signal clipping with unique Dyn-X technology.

CCLD transducers are automatically recognised with TEDS – minimising setup errors.


Get smarter documentation
Sonoscout maps the route automatically using GPS, and displays marked events in Google EarthTM later.

During measurements you can save screenshots of the displayed data by tapping a single button, and document tests using the iPad to take pictures and videos of your setup etc.


Choose stand-alone recording
Save data directly to your SD card. Recordings can be started with the iPad and left to run autonomously before they are stopped later.

SD card data is then quickly uploaded to the iPad via Wi-Fi for validation and analysis.

Finish testing as soon as you are certain
Mobile analysis gives early confirmation when problems have been identified, allowing you to optimise your test plan based on up-to-date results.

  • Embrace a more flexible workflow
  • Respond to developments on the go


Share highly relevant data simply
Simply enter the IP address of the iPad in your browser’s URL bar to download, or use iTunes or DiskAid.


Perfect for PULSE Reflex

Optimise the time taken to produce reports by sending data ready for further analysis in our highly intuitive post-processing environment - PULSE Reflex.  

PULSE Reflex shares identical sound quality metrics with Sonoscout, as well as many features to assist easy transfer - such as the .bkc file type.

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