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- Windows-Based Control and Data Acquisition System (DAS)



CEMDAS is Monitoring Solutions' comprehensive Data Acquisition Software package for use with Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) Systems. Coupled with a PLC, the CEMDAS package is a powerful, user-friendly Windows-based system for monitoring, recording, and reporting stack emission information. CEMDAS is standard with every new Monitoring Solutions CEMS, and can also be added to existing CEMS as an upgrade.

Monitoring all CEM System operating parameters, CEMDAS provides a powerful tool for the collection of real time data, and the report generation necessary to comply with Federal, State, and Local requirements. CEMDAS is guaranteed to provide all of the reports needed for meeting the requirements of an air permit.

  • Intuitive Ease-of-Use: CEMDAS software cuts training time by utilizing a simple and easy to follow pull-down menu structure. The entire menu is password protected down to individual menu items.
  • Highly Configurable: CEMDAS minimizes total cost of ownership through its highly configurable design. This allows Monitoring Solutions to provide cost-effective upgrades and modifications when user needs and requirements change.
  • Powerful Reporting Capabilities: Pre-configured reports are guaranteed to meet EPA CFR Part 60, 75, 266, and 503 requirements. Reports can be generated automatically or manually, and sent to a printer, the screen, or a disk file. Available reports include minute, hourly, daily, monthly and quarterly reports, along with calibration, availability and exceedance reports.
  • Remote Support Capabilities: CEMDAS can be supported and upgraded from a remote location via modem when necessary. Remote support allows a Monitoring Solutions Service Engineer to quickly troubleshoot, diagnose and support the CEMEX/CEMDAS system without a site visit.
  • Automated Utilities: In addition to automatic report generation, CEMDAS includes automated database backup. This insures critical data is never lost.
  • Downtime Recovery: In the event of a CEMDAS computer or communications link failure, the CEMDAS PLC continues to collect and store data for recovery after the failure is repaired.
  • Remote CEMS Control: CEMDAS allows a user to initiate daily calibration checks, quarterly audits, and purge the probe from the CEMDAS computer with simple one-button commands

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