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Track channel activity: sales, returns, and in-transit shipments. Lack of visibility into inventory on-hand, potential stock-outs and current partner claims can leave businesses exposed. Fraudulent claims and error-prone manual processes can lead reduced gross margin.  With 5%-20% of revenue typically tied to claims, businesses need a better means to manage inventory, associated claims, and rebates for/from manufacturers and channel partners.

Gain end-to-end visibility into inventory from channel partner to end customer

Channel Inventory Tracking from Vistex not only manages direct sales and quantities to the channel partner, but also inventory sold to the channel partner through other partners. Both order value and quantities are tracked for product valuation. Standard inventory costing methods such as LIFO and FIFO can be used for inventory valuation. With integrated serial number tracking, valuation and validations can be done at the serial level. Key reporting tools provide in-depth, real-time view into key supplier, inventory and procurement indicators so that your business can be more profitable.

Solution Benefits
  • Control entire inventory tracking hierarchy and dissemination of information
  • Use inventory pools to validate claim pricing and quantities for accuracy
  • Process partner data automatically, including POS, inventory and claims
  • Compile inventory reports on moving inventory and current inventory status
  • Track inventory levels at various distribution centers as well as inventory transfers
  • Analyze sales-in, sales-out (POS), returns, inventory, in-transit and uncredited RMAs

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