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SEMS Maintenance Management System (CMMS) enables you to execute a more effective maintenance program. This shift will create a more proactive process that can extend the life of your assets and equipment while reducing operational and maintenance (O&M) costs. This allows for a dynamic improvement in customer satisfaction along with an increase staff productivity. Our solution conforms with your current workflow process and allows users to efficiently operate with easy adoption. And the ability to go paperless with SEMS Mobile.

Asset Registry: Catalogue of your systems’ assets and equipment. Detailed information includes: manufacturer, model, serial number, etc. Ability to set up parent-child relationships with your assets and equipment by either location-based or category (asset type). Users have the ability to create user defined custom fields (UDFs) specific to their system.

Maintenance Intervals: Schedule preventative maintenance by: Calendar (fixed), Interval (floating) and/or mileage/hours/pumpage. The SEMS solution offers an optional connection to your SCADA System utilizing the hours run triggering usage based maintenance schedules.Streamline maintenance schedule creation process using SEMS Service Schedule Templates.

Work Order Generation:
  • Automatically triggers work orders based on maintenance intervals. And includes all standard operating procedures (SOPs) needed for efficient completion.
  • On-the-fly work order creation by field operations.
  • Comprehensive collection of work order details with Mobile option.
Reporting and Costing Analysis: Track a variety of maintenance costs including staff labor hours, inventory parts/costs, equipment used, and vendor/service costs. Generate detailed reports of activity for preventative, routine, emergency, and planned maintenance.

Billing Connect

Keep Customer Data Up-to-Date with SEMS Billing Connect

Automatically keep your customer, assembly and/or address/meter information up-to-date through our Backflow Management (CCC) and Asset Management components with SEMS Billing Connect. No longer send notice letters to the wrong recipient due to out-of-date records. As new customers are added to your billing software they are added to SEMS as well.

SEMS Billing Connect extends your Work Order Management component by being able to handle customer service orders. As customers call-ins are received, service orders can be easily created by address/meter and dispatched to technicians in the field with SEMS Mobile.

  • Interfaces with SEMS Backflow (CCC) and Asset Management components.
  • Directly imports current customer data in either Excel/.csv file formats.
  • Automatically updates and/or adds customers, assemblies and/or address/meters
SCADA Connect

Reduce the Data Entry Process with SEMS SCADA Connect

SEMS SCADA Connect interface transfers summarized data seamlessly and automatically to your SEMS Drinking Water and Wastewater compliance components from your SCADA or Historian system. Once results are in SEMS, users can easily run internal and/or State reports cutting down what used to take hours into minutes.

SEMS SCADA Connect interface transfers summarized data seamlessly and automatically to your SEMS Asset Management or Maintenance Management (CMMS) components from your SCADA or Historian system. Automatically trigger interval-based maintenance scheduling with the using data collected by your SCADA system.

SEMS GIS Integration

Extend Your SEMS Utility Management with GIS Maps

SEMS Mapping for GIS provides an economical GIS Mapping solution; this technology has been unavailable for smaller organizations/utilities/municipalities in the past. Now, have access to your GIS-based map at any workstation utilizing our server-based platform.

SEMS Technologies’ mapping solution directly integrates to our Asset Management, Water Quality and/or Backflow Management Components. Users can now view assets, sample sites, and backflow devices visually on the GIS-based map using our Selector and Highlighter tools. Dispatching crews will be location-based streamlining your overall productivity and efficiency.


Direct integration to your current GIS solution from ArcGIS for Server™ or ArcGIS for Desktop™. Ability to automatically sync your current and/or existing assets (points) to your SEMS Database.

  • Selector: With just one click users can view asset information, create new work orders, and review work order history. Users have the ability to toggle between different background maps (topographic or street) and/or map layers.
  • Highlighter: Plan crew’s routes by viewing “open” work orders, sample site locations, and outstanding backflow tests in SEMS. Filtering options available by either status (pending, completed, or both) or over a selectable date range.
  • Relationship Mapping: SEMS is kept up-to-date through the integration by mapping the GIS fields (attributes) to SEMS fields (asset details). The sync option provides the ability to automatically create new assets within SEMS from GIS and/or update existing assets. Ability to have multiple maps within SEMS that can be specific to a particular department/system based off map layers.

  • Allows you to properly plan and save funds to escrow for future capital expenses
  • Automatically helps you outlines a renewal replacement strategy to project where funds will be spent over a 20 year budget plan
  • Creates a BRE (Business Risk Exposure) rating for each asset which culminates in an annual financial projection plan
  • Generates a condition rating using four criteria:
    • Asset Redundancy
    • Condition Rating
    • Consequence of Failure
    • Renewal/Replacement Strategy

  • Automatically generates work orders according to pre-set intervals
  • Provides the ability to set multiple intervals:
    • Calendar: (date, weeks, months, or years)
    • Mileage: (for fleet maintenance)
    • Hours Run: (for pumps, valves, and equipment)
  • Can pre-populate on work order: Parts, Tools, and even Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Lets you customize your work order setup: departments, types, and reasons
  • Can automatically email work orders to staff when created and completed
  • Database stores work orders history, which can generate management reports with SEMS Analytics

  • History Report
  • Cost Report
  • Summary Report
  • Capital Improvement Plan

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