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Commodity Trading Risk Management Software


iRely Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) software was designed to be flexible in order to accommodate a trading company's style and unique customer needs. In today’s world of fast moving markets, demanding customers, and the primacy of cash, successful trading companies must master three critical skills: trading, operational efficiency, and effective management oversight. iRely CTRM software provides superior information to support excellence in all of these areas.

Contract management

Stay on top of your contracts with iRely CTRM. With iRely contract status is always at your fingertips. Configure alerts such as price fixation, shipment/delivery status, and quality status to ensure you’re meeting customer obligations. iRely makes it easy to enter contracts (such as copying a similar contract) helping ensure that your position is always up-to-date. And, when you’re trying to identify sales opportunities, iRely’s flexible contract inquiry is there to give you the information you need.

Position management

iRely CTRM offers powerful tools to ensure you can understand and actively manage your position at any point in time. What does a trader look at when he or she comes to work in the morning? How do you cover for a trader who is out of the office? A quick look at the Long/Short Report tells you what you need to know. iRely enables you to focus on uncovered sales and unsold purchases to reduce risk, serve customers, and reduce cash needs. Make optimal use of “the book” rather than investing in more inventory.

iRely offers customized views so individual traders can focus only on the products or counterparties they are responsible for, increasing their efficiency. Reserve inventory while awaiting customer sample approvals or buying decisions to avoid duplicate sale of the same parcel. Monitor price to be fixed position to ensure responsible parties are locking in prices within contractual parameters, avoiding futures liquidity traps and unwanted risk. With iRely, focus on what’s critical to success in trading rather than on compiling data on massive spreadsheets.

Futures and options

iRely CTRM gives you unparalleled visibility to manage risk and track your position through appropriate futures or delta-equivalent options hedging. Upload settlement prices to facilitate mark to market and brokerage statement confirmation. Analyze realized and unrealized profitability over user-defined time periods to avoid month-end profitability surprises. Record GTC orders with reminders when market breaches order levels. With iRely, you always know exactly where you stand and your level of market risk exposure.


iRely CTRM is unparalleled in giving traders the flexibility they need to succeed in today’s world. iRely handles multi-commodities, multi-companies, multi-currencies, and multi-languages that can all be configured across your organization or by user/company. Why create workarounds or restrict your talent pool based on your software? iRely enables you to run your business the way you want to run your business.


The demands on your back office have never been greater. Many traders are discovering that customers are managing cash more tightly than ever before, reducing the size of each order and increasing the number of transactions. This results in more workload for the same amount of business by those unsung heroes of the trading company – the back office. iRely provides the tools you need to handle more transactions with existing staff. For example, iRely manages multi-model logistics. It enables you to generate the required documents while simultaneously updating the status of each parcel including:

  • Shipping instructions
  • Shipping advice
  • Release orders
  • Warehouse transfers
  • And more

Simplify your work flow by tracking multiple shipments against each contract. Verify shipped weights and automate the claims process. Whether you process a small number of very large transactions, a huge number of small transactions, or a combination of both, managing logistics has never been more efficient!

Inventory management

iRely CTRM was built keeping the inventory management requirements of traders at the forefront. Real-time and flexible views of inventory make it easy to understand your position so you can focus on leveraging opportunities, selling aggressively, and making money. Service customers locally whenever possible. And, drill down to lot level as needed to support both sales and financial detail requirements. iRely allows you to value your inventory versus the market to quickly gauge your financial position as well as inventory replacement costs.

Quality management

For trading businesses that are sample driven, iRely CTRM provides the tools you need to manage the seemingly endless flow of samples. Automate the tracking of all outgoing samples and follow-up with iRely. Ensure delivery and invoicing is not delayed and new sales can be executed promptly against offers. Check nearby sales to make sure required samples have been sent, avoiding costly delays for you and your customer.

Additionally, keep tabs on all incoming samples so that decisions are made promptly and communicated to supplier so that shipments are not delayed. This process even acts as an early warning system: lack of a sample might mean supplier will be late. iRely allows you to record quality results from your own and from customer’s evaluation, whether it be taste or physical characteristics. Document quality results for future reference and to support price adjustments when needed. With iRely CTRM, all of your quality data will reside in a single database for easy access.


Perform key accounting functions with iRely and use our proprietary iProcess middleware to link transactions to your accounting system. iRely allows you to issue accurate invoices to customers consistent with contract, fixation, and delivery parameters. Record costs against contracts to manage actual versus budget and to monitor contract profitability. Issue debit notes for weight claims. With iRely you can be sure every cent, yen, peso, rupee, and centavo has been accurately accounted for.

Risk management

iRely gives you the ability to view market exposure in real time and tackle counterparty risk as well. With iRely, you are able to see the risk position on a single report with drill down capability to the contract level. Understanding your risk in all its dimensions is made clear with iRely CTRM.

Mark to market

iRely CTRM allows you to apply mark to market on physical contracts. Mark allocated contracts to each other or to the market. And, in unique situations, iRely gives you the flexibility to override market values when appropriate for specific contracts. Quickly monitor your mark to market on a daily basis and you will avoid month-end profit surprises.


Accurately monitor your profitability by contract with iRely CTRM. iRely accounts for all costs including those relating to shipment and delivery. At a time when lines of credit are a scarce resource, iRely will help to ensure that you have the visibility to use them for your most profitable business.


iRely CTRM gives you the reporting capabilities you need to stay on top of your organization. iRely offers both ‘battle-tested’ fixed format reports as well as customized reporting. iRely’s fixed format reports have been built based on the needs of our trading customers over the years. These key reports focus risk position, sales results, futures/options, inventory management, and exception reporting, to name a few. But, as every commodity trading organization is unique, iRely realized the need for flexible database reporting.

iRely CTRM allows you to export data into pivot tables and manipulate that information any way you see fit. Additionally, for those with more advanced technological skills, iRely allows for flexible ‘Grid’ reporting using SQL queries. iRely now offers iGuide Dashboard Evolved. This tool interfaces with iRely allowing you to see all your key business metrics in one place. Gathering data to make timely decisions has never been easier!

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