- Tool for Satellite Imagery


Use satellite imagery to visualise the crop variation within your fields. New images are added as soon as they become available during the growing season. Furthermore, you can easily create variation maps and prescription files to control the application rate of your fertilizer spreader or sprayer. Zoom into your field by using the search box to find your location! The background map is there to help you find your field and has nothing to do with current satellite imagery.

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  • Save the manually drawn field
  • Save prescription files for export
Find your field and chose satellite image
  1. Find the field you would like to have a closer look at. Enter the location in the search field at the top left. You can also zoom in and out by using the + and - buttons and navigate by dragging the map to where you want to go.
  2. Draw one or more fields in the background map
  3. When you have selected fields, click on Download satellite images
  4. Choose from which date you would like to see the satellite image.

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