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CSRmap- CSR-Monitoring of global Supply Chains


 Businesses as well as private customers demand sustainable supply chains and products. In addition to customer pressure, more and more regulations require documentation and sustainability monitoring within the supply chain. An example of this is the EU Timber Trade Regulation, which was issued against trade in illegally-harvested hunts and derived timber products.

The regulation has three objectives:

  • Prohibition of illegally harvested timber and products derived from such timber.
  • Requirement for EU traders who place timber products on the EU market for the first time to exercise ‘due diligence’.
  • Requirement for EU traders to keep records of their suppliers and customers.

CSRmap is an intuitive software solution for monitoring and managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) risks. It enables companies to automatically capture and assess CSR risks for any number of products. CSRmap continuously monitors international media and social networks regarding CSR issues. It acts as a early warning system for potential reputational risks. The integrated audit function enables the collaboration with auditors in the auditing of the production units.

Through the continuous evaluation of media and social networks, CSRmap gains up-to-the-minute knowledge of global CSR risks.

CSRmap assesses product-specific CSR risks, taking into account real-time developments (child labor, strikes, natural disasters, etc.) as well as statistical data and audit data.

Early warnings
CSRmap automatically maps potential risks (e.g., strikes) to suppliers and production sites CSRmap verifies that the supply chain still meets your CSR requirements.

Soild data
With CSRmap you can deliver solid CSR data to interested customers, such as NGOs, media, business partners or authorities. In addition, the CSR data can be used for sourcing activities.

CSRmap enables your company to easily meet the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation. CSRmap automatically checks whether used raw materials comply with legal requirements.

The user interface of CSRmap is reduced to the most essential elements to enable a quick start and efficient work.

 The CSRMAP dashboard gives you a quick overview of the products, suppliers, and factories which need most of your attention. It highlights the entities with the highest risk and those with the highest risk delta compared to the past calculation period. Country ratings quickly indicate previous developments in your production regions.

  CSRMAP calculates a product-specific CSR risk and shows you which products or supply chains need your immediate attention (e.g., because of a strike in one of your production areas). The product-specific risk is calculated based on the analyzed news/social media including their geographic context, historic audit data for the production facility in question, and general CSR statistics for the region (corruption index, child labor index, etc.). For each product, CSRMAP provides you with details regarding product information, associated factories/suppliers, supply chain information, accepted regions of origins for the used raw materials, and components the product is composed of. The entire data is extracted in an automated way from your ERP – no additional data entry is necessary.

 For each supplier and for each production step, general information, GPS coordinates as well as related production structures, suppliers and products are stored. Storing the exact geographic location allows CSRmap to associate identified CSR leads to the relevant suppliers and production stages.

 CSRmap allows to visualize the CSR risk of entire regions and their suppliers and production units. This information can be used to identify new suppliers and for efficient auditing of existing suppliers and production sites.

 CSRmap automatically collects information on CSR premises, such as child labor, strikes, corruption, pollution, on websites of international media and social networks. Based on that information it checks whether these leads affect your supply chains. The risk assessment for each region is made up of past CSR prefs and available statistics of the region. The analyzed media and social networks can be defined independently of the used language.

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