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DARS is a comprehensive toolkit integrated with STAR-CCM+ for the management and analysis of complex chemical reactions. It makes our customers more competitive in the market by enabling analyses of combustion of new fuels and in new operating ranges at a significantly reduced cost. DARS is a standalone simulation tool  for 0D and 1D management and analyses of chemical reactions. It enables chemistry analyses.

mechanism reduction, simulation of idealized reactors and 0D and 1D PDF models for in-cylinder combustion and aftertreatment. DARS enables the export several types of files that can be used with STAR-CD® and STAR-CCM+®. The latest release of DARS features streamlined library generation for the common in-cylinder combustion models in STAR-CD (ECFM-3Z, ECFM-CleH and PVM-MF) and the STAR-CCM+ combustion model FGM as wel as soot libraries for STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+.  A GUI allows for easy library generation, making it possible to set up a full library calculation in a matter of minutes. DARS facilitates analysis of fuel compositions, accurate prediction of knock and emissions for dual fuel engines, exploration of combustion of any fuel or oxidant mixtures and exploration of soot yield for new fuels and new operating conditions.Including detailed chemistry in your CAE simulations will inspire inovation and help you discover better designs faster.

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