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ProfiSignal Web is state-of-the-art measurement technology software for “ IoT measurement and monitoring tasks”. Measurement data can now be acquired decentrally, stored centrally and viewed from anywhere using any type of user device. Accessing and analysing measurement data from Industrial IoT applications have become more flexible than ever before. Whether for mobile fault analysis, condition monitoring, environmental measurement technology, energy monitoring or the checking of ongoing testing processes.

Remote monitoring of live data

By using ProfiSignal Web, both large and small volumes of data can be acquired and monitored, locally and remotely, and evaluated online during measurement acquisition. Data can be transferred optionally via LAN, WLAN or mobile networks. 

Measurement data can for the first time be accessed, platform-independently and from any standard browser on a desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone, without the need to install client software. ProfiSignal Web is multi-user capable and access can be regulated according to user rights. 

Data storage in the measurement device, in the cloud or on a company intranet

ProfiSignal Web differentiates between visualisation and data source. A special feature is the ability to store data optionally in the measurement device, in the cloud, or on a server in a company intranet. The ProfiSignal Webserver, with integrated data storage function, is then installed at the required storage destination. The Webserver acts as a data manager to preprocess data and make it ready for further processing. 

Visualisation in easy to read dashboards

Another new feature is the ability to have measurement data visualised in easy to read, individualised dashboards which users can create without the need for programming knowledge. The dashboard brings data into a single overview and is easily assembled and configured as an individualised and modern front end. 

Location-independent access is ideal for:
  • Field trial systems
  • Test drives
  • Condition monitoring on remote machines, systems and buildings
  • General remote measurement and monitoring tasks
  • Centralised data storage tasks
  • Weather stations and other environmental measurement systems

Flexibility using cloud functions

ProfiSignal Web makes measurement projects significantly more flexible through cloud functions. Accessing, analysing and visualising measurement data from Industrial IoT applications can now be performed according to specific project requirements.

On-site storage and processing of measurement data

Measurement data can be acquired decentrally and stored on-site. “Measurement technology for edge cloud computing” enables the data to be accessed from anywhere. The cloud then becomes a component of the measurement hardware. Data storage and processing takes place locally within a measurement device such as a Loggito Logger. All cloud components, including the measurement technology software, is pre-installed within the measurement device. This enables measurement data acquisition devices to undertake all cloud functions.Acquiring measurement data on site and processing it centrally

Measurement data can be acquired on site and stored collectively at a central location. The data storage destination can be in the cloud or on a server in a company intranet. The ProfiSignal Webserver, which needs to be installed at the required destination, acts as a data manager and undertakes data processing and preparation. Measurement data acquisition devices such as the Loggito Logger, act as middleware and deliver data to either private or public cloud servers.

LAN / WLAN / mobile communications

Transmission of data can also be individually determined according to project needs. The options are LAN, WLAN or mobile communications (UMTS/LTE).

ProfiSignal Web enables measurement data to be visualised on desktops, notebooks, tablets or smartphones. Visualisation is based on HTML5 and therefore platform-independent, compatible on any user device, and requires no special client software. 

For complex monitoring requirements

The client/server application has been optimised to enable visualisation of complex processes. Views can be individually created using a multitude of display elements. Input elements are also available for operating and controlling processes and can be used to set channel values and regulate outputs. 

Live and historical data

Measurement data can be visualised extremely quickly using the new ProfiSignal Web software. It enables live and historical data to be optimally portrayed in trend diagrams. Portrayal is extremely fast even for the processing of extended time periods. 

Other products highlights
  • Individually designed dashboards for key measurement data
  • Multiple users can access the same project simultaneously
  • Access rights can be adapted and regulated according to specific project requirements
  • A diverse range of interfaces enable compatibility to a multitude of intelligent sensors and components from third-party providers
  • ProfiSignal Web is fully compatible with the compact Loggito series and together provide a complete package

Mobile dashboard

Important new features in ProfiSignal Web include the intuitive creation of views and the portrayal of important information in an easy to read dashboard. The dashboard can be accessed on a desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Faster overview of live data

ProfiSignal Web enables measurement data to be evaluated while it is being acquired. Key data such as machine utilisation, fault causes and downtimes are available live and can be clearly visualised within the dashboard. In this way, a dashboard provides a quick overview of ongoing process parameters.

Fast and smooth trend portrayal

A special feature of ProfiSignal Web is the fast and smooth portrayal of trends in y(t) diagrams using current and historical measurement data and including a zoom option. Data from different sources and covering extended time periods can be displayed in the same diagram by utilising multiple independent y-axes.

Dashboard creation without requiring programming expertise

An intuitive editor tool supports users in the creation of individualised dashboards. Individual views can be created using a large number of preconfigured visualisation elements. This enables quick portrayal of current trends, key data and important functions.

Practical, preconfigured visualisation elements

  • Trend charts with trend curves for each active channel
  • Analog displays such as circular instruments
  • Bars with min/max displays
  • Circular displays, digital displays, traffic light elements
  • Slider switches and buttons with standard on/off functions

ProfiSignal Web enables the visualisation of complex processes and testing procedures. A large selection of graphical objects are available which can be adapted and combined as required.

General functions

  • Client/server application for visualising complex process using individually designed dashboards
  • Webservers and data-storage destination in a measurement device, in the cloud or on a company intranet
  • Installation not required of a web front-end, can be run within a browser
  • Multi-user concept, multiple clients having access to the same project
  • Regulation of access rights using rights and user management

Graphs and diagrams

  • Y(t) diagrams
  • Multiple, independent y-axes per diagram
  • Portrayal of live and historical data
  • Zoom functions
  • Print function

Graphical display elements

  • Block and pie charts
  • Analog and digital portrayals
  • Geometric objects (circles, rectangles, etc.)
  • LEDs

Operation and control elements

  • Buttons, sliders
  • Text input

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