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DOmaster improves water quality and saves up to 15 percent of energy costs. DOmaster is a software program that maintains constant dissolved oxygen concentration (DO) by matching oxygen demand with oxygen supply in real time. It does this by controlling blower/compressor output and airflows or pure oxygen flows to each part of an aeration basin. Its sophisticated control algorithm prevents valve and blower “hunting”; it also notifies operators about unusual patterns in oxygen demand and about DO meters and actuators problems.

  • Control algorithms are based on self-calibrated on-line activated sludge and aerodynamics models.
  • Blower control is based on flow demand and valve positions rather than on pressure.
  • Sensor and actuator fault detection algorithms prevent the use of faulty data and automatically switch the system to “fail-safe” control.
  • The controller automatically notifies operators about potential problems and suggests possible solutions using fuzzy logic methodology combined with non-parametric statistics.

  • 2002: The California Energy Commission selects, from a field of 70 applicants, Ekster and Associates, Inc.’s proposal to develop universal DO control software.
  • 2003: DOmaster is developed.
  • 2004: DOmaster is installed at the 32 MGD Oxnard wastewater treatment plant and is documented to provide a 15 percent energy savings.

  • Save energy. Energy savings can be forecasted using Ekster and Associates, Inc.’s methodology.
  • Provide DO control without valve and blower “hunting.”
  • Always inform operators about potential problems related to aeration and suggest possible solutions.

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